Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quentin Tarantino's film | Inglorious Basterds (2009)

Plastic and caricatural. That comes up first to mind right after appreciating Inglorious Basterds, that young director impressed us in the 90 's with Reservoir Dogs(1992) and Pulp Fiction (1994). Tarantino's name went into being of cult and his films turned into an obligation to be seen. Few directors have had that privilege and Tarantino well knows it, which is why he allows to give himself divo's airs that little by little begin to exhaust .

But out of all the marketing that the native director of Tennessee likes to generate, find his work that over the years has grown inversely proportional between the expectations and his quality. Inglorious Bastards was announced with fanfares, but it did not attract the worldwide criticism attention very much. The film presents a curious and anecdotic history that manages to be innovative.

Nevertheless, the film has his strong points like Christoph Waltz's extraordinary interpretation who despite of exercising an outrageously caricatural character manage to establish an union with the credibility that the onlooker manages to appreciate.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A review about 'A Little History of the World'.

I've just read this book and I want to talk about it with you. The book is written by Ernest H. Gombrich, the book haven't many pages is thought for teenagers but anyone will enjoy and learn this books thanks to the informal style of the author.

It goes through all civilizations (Egyptian, Roman, Babylonian, Phoenician, Huns, Chineses, Aztec, European, Celtic and a long etc.). Definitively a didactic and easy reading book. I gave it a 9/10 perhaps it deserves a 10/10 save that at some passages the author heads to a German public besides the book just contemplate until the second World War.

It covers all the history, well narrated, with drawings, very didactic, for all the ages, absence of a very academic language. At the last chapter the author narrates second World War, becoming converted this chapter in a poetical shout and heartbreaking.

Friday, January 6, 2012

20 things I want to do before death.

Hello bloggers, some of my friends were talking about the things they want to do before the death angel come for them. So they make me think about this, here i did a list:

  1. Visit New York.
  2. Marry a girl.
  3. Tell those beloved people an'I love you'.
  4. To know those internet pals I have, but never met in real life.
  5. Visit Africa.
  6. Travel in a cruiser.
  7. Improve my chef skills.
  8. Join the army.
  9. Tell my boss how much i hate him but thanks for have hired me.
  10. Learn to fly an airplane.
  11. Become physically thougher.
  12. Start a random fight in a bar.
  13. Be a skydiver.
  14. Learn to play piano.
  15. Be on tv.
  16. Ride a horse.
  17. Write a short book about my life.
  18. Be in a huge concert.
  19. Sing a song to the girl I love.
  20. Cut my hair off.

I think that's it. What do you want to before death?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Simon Rumley's film | The living and the dead (2006)

So here's the situation: Your son is schizophrenic and your woman is sick, prostrate in bed, without could have looked after oneself. You live in an enormous mansion in complete decadence and isolated: A place in loneliness that already lived his better years. You must to go away of house during some days, as soon as you call to a nurse in order to get busy of your woman and of your son. Breakpoint: Your schizophrenic son wants to be useful and to become the man of the house during your absence, as soon as impede the access to the nurse. Quit of taking his medication, try to take care of his sick mother, removes the telephone, close up the doors and to depart of there, everything converts at a hell because of an effect domino itself than chain tragedies.

It is a VERY disquieting film. Rumley acclimatizes the history at a scene already in itself tortuous: So much for his isolated and the deficient status of the installations of a depressive mansion, whose big dimensions contribute to iciness, such rooms of empty spaces seem to be agonizing just like the characters's life. Total desolation. And at this place a family has scattered on the fatalism. The schizophrenic son leads us to ( and I say we because imagery drag us along, they implicate us ) the maximum madness, to the perception distorted of reality. It turns out to be very uncomfortable to see the suffering, the torment, of the sick mother in hands of his innocent son.

Simon Rumley seems to me a director with good aim to transmit unwholesome sensations. Here combine a staging calmed, of long diagrams, with sequences of set-up accelerated, maddening, that materialize the schizophrenic person's internal explosion.

You have to watch it and suffer it.

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