Friday, January 6, 2012

20 things I want to do before death.

Hello bloggers, some of my friends were talking about the things they want to do before the death angel come for them. So they make me think about this, here i did a list:

  1. Visit New York.
  2. Marry a girl.
  3. Tell those beloved people an'I love you'.
  4. To know those internet pals I have, but never met in real life.
  5. Visit Africa.
  6. Travel in a cruiser.
  7. Improve my chef skills.
  8. Join the army.
  9. Tell my boss how much i hate him but thanks for have hired me.
  10. Learn to fly an airplane.
  11. Become physically thougher.
  12. Start a random fight in a bar.
  13. Be a skydiver.
  14. Learn to play piano.
  15. Be on tv.
  16. Ride a horse.
  17. Write a short book about my life.
  18. Be in a huge concert.
  19. Sing a song to the girl I love.
  20. Cut my hair off.

I think that's it. What do you want to before death?


  1. I think the book idea is excellent; everyone should have the oppourtunity to write something down about their life which will keep them living on even in death.

  2. Excellent list. Do them all!

  3. I wanna live! everything that happens in that life im happy with :D great post keep em coming!

  4. I really need a haircut as well :P

  5. The last thing on my list of things to do is try dying!