Thursday, March 29, 2012

"One Piece" Chapter 65 sells 3 millions copies in only 2 months

Oricon announced that the Chapter 65 of One Piece reached the 3 millions of sold copies in only 2 months becoming the first manga getting this goal in so short time in Oricon's history.

The 8 previous One piece's mangas also got this quantity however none reach this goal in so short time, by the way this chapter is the first in printing a total of 4 millions of copies for his first edition, breaking the record off as the manga more printed for a first edition.

No doubt One Piece is beyond any prediction.
Good night fellows!


  1. Not a fan of 'One Piece' myself, but few of my weaboo friends just adore it.

  2. now i want to read one piece. damn it

  3. Damn.. I really need to start watching this one.
    I've been busy with Bleach, Fullmetal, Hellsing and other hentais to really get in these series. It's not just this post. I heard good things about it so I might give it a shot.

  4. I'm fairly fond of One Piece actually. It's fairly unique considering that it's one of the most popular mangas out there.

  5. Mixed feelings about One Piece. It's an OK show. I like some episodes, I hate some.

  6. One Piece is my favorite anime! Following on :)